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Archeage Unchained: what you need to know

Submitted by vince at 15-10-2019 14:12

The game will be available today.

Fluffy commands for the PTS

Submitted by vince at 11-10-2019 13:39

Yup, fluffy is back on the PTS! Who wants to level up and get cool stuff?

Unchained is now available for download!

Submitted by vince at 11-10-2019 03:12

Get ready, you need to download the full game!

PTS is now open for everyone

Submitted by vince at 08-10-2019 17:46

Everyone can now test patch 6.0 on the PTS.

New date for the character reservation

Submitted by vince at 06-10-2019 14:25

The character reservation date for players who have pre-order has been moved to the next weekend.