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Fluffy commands for the PTS
Submitted by vince at 2019-10-11 13:39

Since Fluffy is back on the PTS, we can now easily level up or get more gear! If you don't know who is Fluffly, it's a bot that analyzes the text you type in the /say chat of the PTS. Here are some things to says to Fluffy, that you need to type as it, without adding some /. Depending on the charge, Fluffy can take some minutes to deliver your command.

Up all night to get fluffy! - Full Erenor gear.
Level me up Fluffy - Go to level 55
Don't make me grind, fluffy! - Gives 10M experience.
send me lunagem stuff fluffy - Honor points, superior lunarite, charcoal stabilizers, Anya ingots, sunset pearls.
Everypony wants one, fluffy - Ayanad earring quest starter
Give me the dreamiest of rings, fluffy - Dream ring quest starter
send me a sloth fluffy - Send you a Sloth Glider
tell me a secret fluffy! - Send you consumables and stuff
obsidian or bust fluffy! - get obsidian stuff
Shiver me timbers Fluffy! - Sends you mails with ships and components.
What are they saying Fluffy! - You will have all the languages at max.
Morpheus needs me Fluffy! - You join the pirate faction and sends you an mail with a way to go back to your faction. Warning when using this command: you need to get a trial or you will stay 4 days in jail.
send me Anya ingots fluffy - Send you some Anya ingots
x up for invite fluffy! - Cool stuff for the guild.
Pimp my house fluffy! - Gives you some stuff for the housing.
I wanna be the very best fluffy! - Pet stuff.
You know nothing fluffy! - Packs with Auroria stuff.
Notice me fluffy! - This command seems to be not working. Gives Obsidian gear.
Show me your moves, fluffy! - Ancestral Warrior Medals, Specialization Snowflakes, ...
Lets do a trade run, fluffy! - Vocation points, cargo certificates, captain's protection certs, and more
Flame on, Fluffy - Dragon raising chain items.
The light is fading, fluffy - Obsidian stuff.
Let’s get testy, fluffy - Apprentice and Artificer gear.
You can't kill the metal, fluffy - Locked crates
It goes to 11, fluffy - T2 lunagems and stuff to upgrade T3
give me abyssal crystals, fluffy - Abyssal Crystals

Sadly, for now there is no Hiram gear or new gliders.


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