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Archeage Unchained: what you need to know
Submitted by vince at 2019-10-15 14:12

Archeage Unchained is now available for the EU and will be available in a few hours for the US. Here is a summary of what you need to know with the release of the game.

No housing until the weekend

There is no housing for now, but it will be available on Saturday, 19 October. So be ready to place your Scarecrow.

There is a queue and it will be more

Many players try to connect to Unchained servers. EU has queues and it will be the same for the US servers. So be patient before you can play the game.

Factions lock

As we already see, Gamigo can lock factions on certain servers to equilibrate them.

Hiram gear

The Hiram gear is already available in Unchained.


The game is no P2W. The shop will contain only cosmetic items and can't be sold to other players.

Patch 6.0

The release comes with patch 6.0, if you want more information about it, check our guide about it.


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