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Guide Patch 6.0

The patch 6.0 comes with some change on the prison. It's now harder to get out when you have been here with a trial, but it's easier if you go in the prison involuntary such as gliding into the prison. The old method like spawning a TP near the prison grid for the prisoner to jump in is not working anymore.

Escaping when you are in involuntary

You simply have to talk to the Marianople Prison Officer, it will give you a quest that sent you out of the prison. In this quest, you have nothing to do, it will be completed instantly. 

Prison quest
Prison quest

Escaping when you are in jail

You can now do some work into the prison to lower your infamy and once you are at 0 you can talk to a guard and leave the prison. But it's not that simple, if you do too many works, you will receive a debuff and you won't be able to do more work and your movement speed will be reduced by 20%. That debuff stays for 10 hours! As you can see it will be harder to get out of jail. 

Prison labor actions
Prison labor actions

When you use labor to reduce your infamy points in the prison, you have a chance to find a Robust Hammer Piece. Once you have 5x this item you can combine it to destroy the wall in the jail to escape the prison, just find the picture attached to the wall.

If you manage to escape the prison, you will loose the Wanted debuff but you will have an On the Run debuff as a replacement. This debuff will impeach you to open a portal or go in an instance and match your Infamy Points to Crime Points. You can still use other players TP.

What to do in jail?

You can still talk in the /s but that's the only channel you can use, you can receive visitors between 9:00 to 15:00 (in-game time) and use a visitor mailbox. You can get Soccer Cleats to play with the ballon. Oh and be prudent, don't touch the soap!

Prison soap