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Thwart (Rank 6)

Thwart (Rank 6)
Thwart (Rank 6)
15.0 sec Cooldown
Grants the caster 1 stack of Warding Light for 16 sec. Warding Light: - Absorbs up to 5000 damage from the next instance of received damage. - Reduces active Cooldowns for Comet's Boon, Vicious Implosion, and Shrug It Off by -4 sec when cast. - This effect can stack up to 3 times. Also inflicts Shaken for 3 sec on all enemies within 6m, reducing their combat effectiveness: Decreases Move Speed -45% Decreases Skill Damage -20% Decreases Attack Speed -25.
This skill has a reduced Global Cooldown.
This skill can be used while the caster is incapacitated.
Required level: 1


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